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Sex offenses against children alleged in recent New Jersey arrest

Betrayal is a powerful motivating factor in the human mind that drives many responses, but perhaps most significant is the response of revenge. When someone is in a position of trust, especially with other people's children, and then that person is accused of betraying that trust by committing sex crimes against children, the motivation for revenge can be overwhelming.

However, as much as the families involved, and even the public, may want revenge in these types of circumstances, it is crucial to remember that America is a nation of laws, and that one of the most important legal axioms that we follow as a society is "innocent until proven guilty."

All of these issues will come into play after the recent arrest of a 52-year-old man in a case involving several alleged instances of sexual assault that reportedly occurred over a number of years. The arrestee, an administrator and former youth athletics coach at several different schools, including his most recent place of employment in Hoboken, will be facing a number of sex offenses, specifically including allegations involving seven boys as reported victims.

Because of all of the primal human emotions involved in these types of cases, including fear, betrayal and revenge, an arrestee's task of planning a solid sex crimes defense could seem to be impossible to most people, including for the arrestee himself. But this man has a right to see the evidence against him, and from there the right to present a defense. As more details about the facts that led to this recent arrest begin to emerge, a clearer picture will begin to crystalize, especially for the arrestee, as to what options there are for a criminal defense in this case.

Source:, "School employee and youth coach arrested on child sex assault charges," May 27, 2014

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