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July 2014 Archives

Ongoing child pornography enforcement operation nets 14 arrests

Most arrest reports on New Jersey's nightly news are mostly "reactionary" arrests, meaning that law enforcement officials react to calls that crimes have been committed and report to the scene of the alleged crime with sirens blaring and safety lights flashing. However, while this reactionary part of law enforcement is important, it "proactive" investigations into alleged crimes where many police officers spend the majority of their time.

Arrests made in connection with string of New Jersey thefts

When most people think about theft these days it is usually in relation to identity theft or some kind of bank fraud, simply because these types of crimes are the most likely incidents to get heavy media coverage. However, the same old theft crimes, like burglary and receiving stolen property, are still something that law enforcement officials deal with every day.

Alleged sexual assault results in $500,000 bail amount

Media reports about alleged occurrences of sexual assault are sure to catch the attention of many New Jersey residents, especially when they happen in the state. Since that is the case, the residents of Bergen County are most likely paying attention to the recent arrest of a man in Leonia involving an allegation of a sexual assault on a 16-year-old girl.

Child pornography charges for 18-year-old New Jersey kid

Most of our New Jersey readers would agree that kids are prone to making mistakes. Some would say that this is the key to learning. However, kids today seem to have more opportunities to make mistakes than ever before, due to one phenomenon that is probably the bane of many a parents' existence: social media.

New Jersey citizens at the center of massive Medicaid fraud case

Most of our New Jersey readers are probably familiar with Medicaid, a federal program that is designed to help people who have trouble paying for healthcare costs. The program is mostly designed to help those individuals and families whose incomes are well below the national average. That is why a recent report about an alleged scheme to file fraudulent claims that aimed to get the federal dollars that are available for reimbursement through this program is likely to get quite a bit of negative media attention.

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