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Child pornography charges for 18-year-old New Jersey kid

Most of our New Jersey readers would agree that kids are prone to making mistakes. Some would say that this is the key to learning. However, kids today seem to have more opportunities to make mistakes than ever before, due to one phenomenon that is probably the bane of many a parents' existence: social media.

For whatever reasons, some kids just don't seem to understand that what they post on social media usually can't be taken back - and it is there for everyone to see. As a result, some kids post things to social media that can be embarrassing to themselves and others - and sometimes it can be potentially illegal.

For one 18-year-old from Sayreville, this exact situation has now resulted in him facing child pornography charges. According to the reports, this young man is alleged to have posted several different pictures of his female classmates from high school on social media; pictures described in the reports as "inappropriate" images of underage girls. The reports indicate that the arrest comes after local law enforcement officials were investigating the matter for approximately two months.

It is a shame when anyone is alleged to break the law and faces criminal charges as a result. But, to hear about a young man who is just starting out in life facing these kinds of charges for something that, if he did do it, was something that he most likely thought was a prank or harmless fun, it is just even more of a shame. Any New Jersey criminal defense attorney would probably agree that if a crime is indeed committed someone usually deserves to pay the price, but with this type of situation it seems like legislators need to craft a more finely tuned approach than to charge a high school kid with child pornography charges in this type of situation.

Source:, "Sayreville teen arrested on child pornography charges," June 27, 2014

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