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September 2014 Archives

Alleged cocaine operation said to span parts of New Jersey

Law enforcement agencies throughout the country are working every day to take down large-scale illegal drug operations. If recent reports are accurate, just such an operation culminated in the arrest of 16 people who were allegedly part of a cocaine drug distribution network that spanned parts of New Jersey and New York City.

What to expect with an embezzlement charge

White collar crimes are recognized as crimes that are alleged that are financially motivated and are thought to occur mostly in the corporate or finance worlds. The term "white collar" is a somewhat satirical association with the type of shirt an individual charged with this type of crime would wear - a white dress shirt with a suit and tie - as opposed to what a "blue collar" worker would wear - a uniform in a factory. Nonetheless, these types of crimes can be just as serious as what may be perceived as other, "lower class" crimes, like burglary or robbery.

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