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Planning the right defense strategy for violent crime charges

Every state in America takes a slightly different approach to crime. This goes back to the very founding of the country, after which each state was responsible for passing their own laws in many different areas, not just criminal statutes. The federal government, to a certain extent, had no business in interfering with the laws passed by individual states. This concept, known as "federalism," is still alive today.

However, one universal similarity between all the states, including New Jersey, is that violent crimes are dealt with harshly. When someone faces charges like robbery, assault and battery or homicide, that person can expect to face an aggressive prosecution effort and an attempt to get the maximum penalty leveled in the sentencing process.

In these types of situations, which are about as serious as it gets, a defendant would probably appreciate getting the right advice from someone who has been on both sides of the adversarial court process. The attorney at our firm, David T. Schlendorf, is a criminal defense lawyer who also has a background as a prosecutor. He strives to make sure that the firm's clients understand the charges they face and how the case will be approached both from the prosecutor's point of view as well as the defense side.

Not all criminal charges are the same. While some people may be slightly upset and concerned when they get arrested for a DUI, most people would be almost terrified when they face a charge for a violent crime, especially given the fact that these types of charges come with the potential for serious prison time if a guilty verdict is the result of the case. Our firm has experience in letting our clients know what the options are and what the best approach will be from a criminal defense prospective. For more information on how we address the defense of violent crime charges, please visit our website.

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