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Protecting yourself when facing theft charges in New Jersey

There are a wide variety of theft charges in New Jersey, including charges for identity theft, shoplifting, credit card theft and bank fraud. When a New Jersey resident finds themselves facing one of these charges, it is important to craft a defense strategy that is specifically tailored to address theft crimes.

The exact nature of a theft charge will depend on what the alleged stolen property is. For instance, if an employee who is in control of company accounts is alleged to have breached that trust by taking funds from the accounts for personal use, that would be an embezzlement charge. Shoplifting, on the other hand, is a simple theft charge. And there are a lot of other charges in between, and oftentimes the amount in question is important as well.

The most serious theft charges could result in a felony conviction and a prison sentence. However, any type of conviction on theft charges will almost certainly result in future hardships for the person who is convicted, including the possibility that future employment opportunities will be limited.

When it comes to planning out a theft crime defense strategy, our firm strives to understand the unique circumstances of each of our clients' cases. In some cases there may be constitutional violations by law enforcement officials that could lead to evidence being suppressed - action that may get charges dismissed altogether. Or, in other cases, the best strategy is to negotiate with the prosecutor in order to secure the least harmful result, even if that means a misdemeanor conviction and probation for the defendant. For more information on how our firm approaches these types of cases, please visit the theft crimes overview page of our website.

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