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Defending against state and federal drug charges in New Jersey

There are millions of Americans who have been arrested for so-called "small-time" drug charges, like possession of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia. These are usually misdemeanor drug crimes, and in most of these types of cases the defendant ends up serving a probation term and not much else comes from the case from the criminal justice system. However, most other cases involving allegations of illegal drug distribution or possession are much more serious.

In fact, some drug cases are so serious that defendants might end up facing charges in federal court. Federal drug crimes often involve allegations of the movement of illegal drugs across state lines, or even large-scale conspiracies to distribute illegal drugs in several states. Cases like that is when the FBI and DEA can get involved, and anyone who ends up as a defendant in one of those cases can expect to face an avalanche of evidence.

When a New Jersey resident is facing drug charges in either state or federal court, the right criminal defense strategy can make the difference between prison and freedom. No matter what the charge is, everyone has constitutional rights that need to be protected.

For instance, in many drug investigations law enforcement officials will need to secure search warrants. If this is not done properly there could be major constitutional issues that arise when those warrants are executed, leading to evidence ultimately being suppressed due to illegal searches and seizures. Our firm considers all of the options when planning a criminal defense strategy. For more information on our approach to defending against drug charges, please visit the drug crimes overview section of our website.

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