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December 2014 Archives

What is the punishment for violating restraining orders?

Most of our New Jersey readers know that domestic violence is a widespread problem in American society, but also that the domestic situations that lead to an outburst of violence can be extremely complicated. Every relationship is different, with no two couples treating each other exactly like the other. When allegations of violent crimes are inserted into an already complicated relationship dynamic, many things can begin to spiral out of control.

Handling the immediate aftermath of an arrest

When a New Jersey resident gets arrested, the immediate aftermath of the arrest is when a lot of crucial developments take place in the case. This is especially true with violent crimes, as police will be focused on gathering evidence, such as photos of injuries suffered by victims, or describing in detail how a suspect acted while resisting arrest. These details and pieces of evidence, fresh from a bad situation, will be crucial down the road as the case moves toward either criminal trial or a plea agreement.

Authorities on the lookout for identity theft targeting children

By now it is pretty much common knowledge that identity theft is becoming much easier as more people depend upon the Internet to complete commercial transactions, manage their bank accounts and pay their taxes. And, as it the case with many types of crimes that can get the public on edge, law enforcement agencies throughout the country have responded by concentrating police efforts on investigating and preventing these theft crimes.

Alleged sexual assault leads to the arrest of 5 suspects

When a parent in New Jersey sends their child off to college for the first time, that parent probably expects the child to have a little bit of fun as the transition from childhood to adulthood takes place, but for the most part they probably expect that the vast majority of the time will be focused on studying. No parent expects to get a phone call informing them that their child is facing felony-level sexual assault charges and the child needs a good criminal defense lawyer.

What is 'click fraud'?

For most people, technology opens up new possibilities for communication, entertainment and commerce. But, with seemingly every technological advance comes the possibility for a new type of crime to emerge. For example, our New Jersey readers may have heard of "click fraud," but they might not know the first thing about this fairly new crime.

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