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Handling the immediate aftermath of an arrest

When a New Jersey resident gets arrested, the immediate aftermath of the arrest is when a lot of crucial developments take place in the case. This is especially true with violent crimes, as police will be focused on gathering evidence, such as photos of injuries suffered by victims, or describing in detail how a suspect acted while resisting arrest. These details and pieces of evidence, fresh from a bad situation, will be crucial down the road as the case moves toward either criminal trial or a plea agreement.

The immediate aftermath of an arrest is a crucial time not only for the police officers who are investigating the case, but for the arrestee as well. And, in many cases, the suspect's head is spinning from the whirlwind of events that just occurred.

Our criminal defense law firm understands the sequence of events that are likely to occur in most criminal cases. With a former prosecutor on staff - someone who has been on the other side of the defendant's situation - our firm approaches these types of situations with a unique prospective.

When a suspect is charged with a violent crime, they will be facing the prosecutor's best effort. In New Jersey, as in most states, violent crimes can lead to prison time, even if it is a person's first offense. It doesn't matter if the charge is armed robbery or assault and battery - if a prosecutor thinks they can secure a prison sentence, they will most likely do their best to get that result. And, regardless of the situation, in most cases the end result will be determined by what transpired in those crucial moments leading up to the arrest, and then the immediate hours and days afterward. For more information on how our law firm approaches the immediate aftermath of an arrest, please visit our website.

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