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January 2015 Archives

How can you be charged with resisting arrest?

Most of us are taught from an early age to trust police officers and to view them as the "good guys" who are helping to protect the community. While this is almost certainly the case with the overwhelming number of police officers throughout the nation, there are some who may take their job quite a bit more seriously than they probably should. When that happens, an arrest could be affected through excessive force. And, regardless of a police officer's disposition, resisting arrest is never a good idea, even if the arrestee believes they are innocent.

The right approach to rape charges

Any type of criminal charge has the potential to permanently tarnish a person's reputation. But, if our readers were to ask just about any New Jersey criminal defense attorney, they would probably say that there is one charge that can be more damaging than most others: a rape charge.

An overview of movie piracy and internet fraud

Cybercrime has been in the news quite a bit lately. The hack of movie and entertainment giant Sony Pictures - apparently by agents of North Korea - has many people opining that this move could be one of two things: a terroristic act of computer crime or an attack on the United States by a foreign nation. Fortunately, for the moment, it does not appear that we will be on the brink of war with North Korea any time soon, but the incident did very much bring to the forefront of the national conscious the prevalence of internet fraud and cybercrime.

23-year-old man arrested in alleged Toms River stabbing incident

Many of our New Jersey readers have experienced sibling rivalries in their lives - it is quite common. But, most of us do not take these rivalries as far as one man is alleged to have done in an attack on his sister in Toms River.

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