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The right approach to rape charges

Any type of criminal charge has the potential to permanently tarnish a person's reputation. But, if our readers were to ask just about any New Jersey criminal defense attorney, they would probably say that there is one charge that can be more damaging than most others: a rape charge.

Merely facing the allegations of a rape charge can be bad enough, but a conviction on this type of charge can be completely life-altering. Not only would someone who is convicted of a rape charge have a felony on their record for life, but that person would certainly be facing the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence. After the prison sentence is served, the convicted felon would be required to list their identifying information on the New Jersey sex offender registry for life.

The main reason that a rape charge is so challenging is that not only is it a sex crimes charge, it is also almost always viewed as a violent crime as well. As a result, a person facing a rape charge has to deal with this dual perception from the public and from potential members of the jury in a criminal trial. This can make planning a criminal defense strategy especially difficult.

Throughout his years as an attorney, David T. Schlendorf has handled more than 2,500 cases involving sex crimes charges. In fact, Mr. Schlendorf is actually a former prosecutor. For New Jersey residents who find themselves in the unenviable position of being charged with rape, a visit to our website may provide the type of information they need to begin to face the charges head-on.

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