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March 2015 Archives

Can a certified criminal trial attorney make a difference?

Most people in New Jersey know that attorneys generally tend to focus their practice of law in just a few areas. For instance, some attorneys are tax lawyers, focusing on ensuring that their clients are in compliance with state and federal tax laws. Other attorneys focus on employment law, helping to see to it that their clients are not subjected to any type of discrimination in the workplace, and if they are, that they receive the proper amount of compensation. There are hundreds of unique areas of the law. At our criminal defense law firm, David T. Schlendorf focuses his practice on criminal trial law.

Heroin use and the criminal justice system

New Jersey residents understand that the public perception of illegal drug use has been going through some changes in recent years, both good and bad. For some people, there is support for decriminalizing marijuana possession and use, with many touting the positive medical purposes for the drug as a prime example of why it should not be illegal.

What is the alleged cost of embezzlement?

Many of our New Jersey readers know that embezzlement is a form of employee theft. This white collar crime can be difficult to track down, especially in very large businesses or corporations. And, in some cases, despite the suspicions of the employer there is no crime committed at all - sometimes the problem is simply a mathematical or accounting issue. But what about all of the cases where a crime actually did take place? What does embezzlement cost employers throughout the country?

Robbery suspect arrested about a block away from bank

Any type of robbery could be classified as a felony-level offense that could land a defendant in prison for years. Bank robbery, in particular, is a violent crime that could even trigger the involvement of federal law enforcement officials. But that didn't happen in a recent case, in which a man from New York was arrested for his alleged involvement in a bank robbery that took place in New Jersey recently. Local police apprehended the defendant in a somewhat peculiar way.

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