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April 2015 Archives

Defending yourself against the crackdown on cybercrime

Law enforcement agencies in every state, including New Jersey, are pouring more resources than ever before into policing "cybercrimes." Many of our readers are likely to be familiar with some of the high-profile Internet fraud and identity theft cases that have occurred in recent years, including the hacking of major companies and the resulting theft of customer credit card information. There is no doubt that computer crimes are a concern, but is the crackdown leading to criminal cases against innocent people?

Overview of the Pretrial Intervention Program in New Jersey

Many of our readers may have heard about pretrial diversion options in New Jersey for people who are arrested for relatively minor criminal offenses. There is, in fact, such an option in a limited number of criminal cases. The program is known as the Pretrial Intervention Program, or PTI.

Man faces sexual assault charges three years after alleged attack

Many of our New Jersey readers have probably seen news stories before about someone getting charged with a sex crimes offense years after the alleged attack took place. That is because, unlike some other types of criminal charges, allegations of sexual assault can sometimes be reported to law enforcement officials years after the alleged incident occurred, and the allegations will be investigated.

What is the New Jersey police 'Office of Forensic Sciences'?

In many criminal cases in New Jersey law enforcement officials will seize evidence for use at trial. This is almost universal in cases involving drug crimes, as there is one particular piece of evidence that will be of paramount importance: the alleged drug itself. It doesn't matter if the illegal drug that is seized is heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or marijuana. To prove their case, prosecutors will have to refer to the actual substance at trial. But, how do law enforcement officials and prosecutors know what they are dealing with?

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