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Defending yourself against the crackdown on cybercrime

Law enforcement agencies in every state, including New Jersey, are pouring more resources than ever before into policing "cybercrimes." Many of our readers are likely to be familiar with some of the high-profile Internet fraud and identity theft cases that have occurred in recent years, including the hacking of major companies and the resulting theft of customer credit card information. There is no doubt that computer crimes are a concern, but is the crackdown leading to criminal cases against innocent people?

At our law firm, we know that not everyone who is facing charges related to computer crimes is guilty. However, presenting a criminal defense to these types of charges can be complex, usually because the actual crimes that are allegedly committed may be based on new laws. After all, internet and cybercrime cases haven't been around forever, unlike other crimes such as murder or robbery.

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies know how much trust - and information - people put into technology these days. These agencies also know that there will always be untrustworthy people who will look to try to take advantage of this situation. The key is for the same due process rights being respected in these cases, just the same as they would be in any other type of criminal case.

Presenting a criminal defense, or even just an explanation, in the face of overzealous law enforcement can be daunting. At our law firm, we attempt to give each of our clients a chance to explain the details of their case to us, so that we can take the right approach to the criminal charges. For more information on the law enforcement crackdown on cyber crime, readers and potential clients may visit the articles section of our website.

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