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May 2015 Archives

Why is heroin so addictive?

There are many states throughout the country that are seeing a spike in the use of heroin. New Jersey, unfortunately, is not immune to the increase in the use of this highly addictive illegal drug. And, as a result, drug trafficking and drug distribution networks are becoming a larger part of the focus for law enforcement officials - both state and federal - in New Jersey.

Defending against theft charges in New Jersey

There are a wide variety of theft crimes that a person could be charged with in New Jersey, including identity theft, shoplifting, credit card theft and bank fraud. As most of our readers can probably guess, all theft charges have an underlying implication: one person took something that was the property of another person without permission.

Overview of prostitution as a crime in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the crime of prostitution is a misdemeanor for a first offense. Second and subsequent offenses, however, can be felonies. Still, a New Jersey criminal defense attorney would be able to tell our readers that there are certain elements that must be proven by the prosecution in order to get a criminal conviction.

Former aides of New Jersey Governor face fraud charges

Most of our readers know by now that New Jersey has been in the news quite a bit lately, and not for good reasons. The much-covered "Bridgegate" scandal has finally resulted in criminal charges being filed against three former members of Governor Christie's administration.

What happens when someone violates a restraining order?

When a domestic violence case is pending in a New Jersey court, a restraining order will oftentimes be implemented. The restraining order forbids the defendant who is alleged to have committed the domestic violence from contacting the alleged victim in any way. While under a restraining order the defendant is not allowed to contact the alleged victim in person, by mail, by electronic means or even be within a certain set distance from the alleged victim.

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