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The right approach to drug possession charges

Many people probably think that a criminal case involving drug possession charges is pretty straightforward. They probably think if someone has drugs in their pocket or in their bag, that is fairly strong evidence of drug possession. However, cases involving drug crimes can be much more complicated than many people may realize.

For starters, law enforcement officials must have a valid reason to be interacting with a person to begin with. Constitutional protections don't allow police officers to just conduct random searches whenever or wherever they like. And, if a search of a vehicle or a person's home is conducted, law enforcement officers will almost always be required to have a search warrant.

Heroin and cocaine are resurging in popularity throughout the country, and New Jersey is no exception to this trend. As a result, law enforcement agencies are beginning to crack down on drug crimes with an enthusiasm not seen since the "War on Drugs" was declared in the 1980's. However, police officers can sometimes overstep their authority in their enthusiasm to make a big drug bust, so it is important to know what law enforcement officers can and can't do.

At our law firm we attempt to analyze each case for potential criminal defense options. In some cases, we have been able to get the charges our clients face reduced, and in other cases the charges have even been dismissed. For more information on how our law firm attempts to find the right option for defending against drug charges, please visit our website.

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