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August 2015 Archives

What do you need to know about bail in New Jersey?

Hundreds of people are arrested in New Jersey every day. But, most of our readers know that everyone who is arrested for an alleged crime are not forced to sit in jail and await their criminal trial. Most people, almost always including people who are charged with theft crimes, are able to post bail, and they will await their trial on the criminal allegations outside the confines of jail. Just what do our readers need to know about bail in New Jersey?

An overview of "ransomware" and its part in rising cybercrime

Almost everyone in America is connected these days via social media and online interaction. Despite the rise in use of new and innovative ways to communicate, such as Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, most people continue to use email as one of their primary forms of communication. And, anyone who uses email knows that they have to avoid spam - useless emails that can clutter an inbox with sales pitches and advertising. But, there is something else out there that many of our readers may not have heard about: ransomware.

New Jersey defenses for money laundering charges

Some New Jersey criminal cases involve more complicated factual scenarios than others, and cases involving money laundering charges usually fall into this category. Among all different types of theft crimes, money laundering is one. Money laundering is the illegal securing of funds by attempting to hide the fact that the funds were obtained through illegal activities. While commonly associated with drug crimes, money laundering can stand alone.

What role does "solicitation" play in a prostitution charge?

Prostitution is usually considered to be a low-level criminal offense, typically charged as misdemeanor. However, just like with many other types of crimes, such as drunk driving or drug possession, if the person who is charged with prostitution is a repeat offender, there is a chance that the suspect could face a felony-level charge.

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