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New Jersey defenses for money laundering charges

Some New Jersey criminal cases involve more complicated factual scenarios than others, and cases involving money laundering charges usually fall into this category. Among all different types of theft crimes, money laundering is one. Money laundering is the illegal securing of funds by attempting to hide the fact that the funds were obtained through illegal activities. While commonly associated with drug crimes, money laundering can stand alone.

So, if a person you do not know walks up to you on the street and gives you some money, and you are later told that those funds were obtained in a bank robbery, are you guilty of money laundering? Of course not.

In a money laundering case, it is essential that the person who has the money is aware of the fact that the funds were obtained through illegal means. If you do not know that what you have is stolen, how can you be responsible for it?

Most of our New Jersey readers are probably familiar with the term "money laundering" from television and movies. In these movies, the person who is laundering the money is transferring it from account to account, all in an attempt to hide the "money trail." A money trail is simply the path that shows where funds originate. Transferring money with this purpose can, in fact, be a part of a money laundering case.

At our law firm, we know that money laundering cases are usually more complex than the typical theft case. These cases oftentimes involve accounting records that need to be carefully scrutinized. For more information for those who are facing money laundering charges in New Jersey, please visit the money laundering defense information page of our website.

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