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Experience on both sides can help in forming a criminal defense

For New Jersey residents who are facing criminal charges, that case is most likely the most important thing in their lives at that moment. Whether it is a first-time arrestee or a person who has had several run-ins with the law, the vast majority of criminal cases are serious enough that the arrestee will likely be facing significant penalties - if not in the courtroom, then perhaps in family life or with employment. However, each case is unique, and each case will usually need a carefully crafted criminal defense.

Success can be a hard thing for a criminal defendant to achieve. Is it considered a success to take a case to a trial in front of a jury and get a verdict of not guilty? In a way, yes, but in many cases the arrest itself does enough damage to the person's reputation that, by the time a verdict comes from a jury, there may still be a long road to recovery ahead. But, it is still important to make that push.

For criminal defendants, it makes sense to consider what type of voice will be making the case to the jury. Many of our readers would probably agree that a person would gain a unique perspective on all criminal justice matters if that person has served in roles on both sides of the equation: defense and prosecution.

At our law firm, this is the very experience that helps to allow us to craft an individualized criminal defense strategy for our clients. With experience from both the prosecution side of things, as well as the defense, we believe that our clients can gain the help of a well-rounded and prepared voice in the courtroom. For more information about the experience that our law firm relies upon, please visit the criminal defense section of our website.

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