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3 things businessmen should know about sexting

You've worked hard to build up your business over the past couple of decades and you don't want a stupid mistake to ruin it. Then you met someone whom you found attractive and started texting. One thing led to another, and texting turned to sexting. Now you are facing criminal charges for sexting and wonder what went wrong. Here are three important points you should know if you are facing charges for sexting.

Sexting can be considered child pornography

Sexting with another adult isn't illegal in most cases. If the person you were sexting was a minor, however, this will likely result in your being charged with a crime. Such is the case even if you didn't realize that your sext partner was underage. However, it might be possible to use a minor's claims of being an adult as a factor in your defense strategy.

Sexting in New Jersey is considered child pornography when an adult is one of the parties. Only teens who sext can take advantage of a recent statute that allows them to enter a diversion program as an alternative consequence.

Sexting can lead to state and federal charges

It is possible to face both federal and state criminal charges for sexting, depending on the circumstances. In both cases, you could be charged under child pornography or communication laws.

Because these are felonies, you could be facing very harsh penalties, including fines, prison time and other penalties. It doesn't matter that you never physically touched the person you were sexting.

Prosecutors usually have some leeway regarding charging people with sexting. Some prosecutors take a hard stance against it. Other prosecutors consider all the circumstances before they decide how to proceed.

Sexting can lead to sex offender registration requirements

Since charges for sexting are usually filed under child pornography laws, there is a chance that you will have to register as a sex offender. It can be difficult to dispute these charges, but it's not impossible. You will need to explore the possible defense options available to you. Plea deals are one possible way to resolve your case.

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