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Accused of a federal financial crime? Act quickly

Operating in the business and financial worlds is a complex endeavor, and often there are legal lines that can get crossed even without harmful intentions. If you have been charged with a federal financial crime, it is vitally important that you take some actions immediately and keep yourself from taking some others - your career and personal life may depend on your next few moves.

DO consult with an attorney

If ever there was a time to get the best legal counsel available to you, this is that moment. In fact, conferring with an attorney, one who has a bank of experience with the complexities of federal financial crimes should probably be your first priority.

Frankly, it is entirely possible that you are either not guilty of the thing that you are being accused of, or perhaps have unintentionally violated a law you were unaware of. There may be a hundred different factors that may influence the direction your case takes, and only an attorney with years of experience with federal financial law can best help to evaluate what to do next.

With proper representation, you can confidently respond to allegations in an appropriate manner, and conduct yourself so as to keep a delicate situation from running off a cliff.

Even if you believe that you may be guilty of a crime, you have rights that should absolutely not be violated. Taking steps to protect your rights ensures that you can have your case heard fairly, and allow for the full facts of the case to be evaluated before your career and reputation receive possibly irreparable damage.

It is also important to remember that when seeking to protect your own rights, you are contributing to protecting the rights of those who are less fortunate by exemplifying how rights should be protected.

DO NOT speak to law enforcement or investigative authorities without proper legal council

The nature of financial crimes is complex, and often not what it, at first, seems. In the moment, it can be tempting to "try to be reasonable" with some person of authority asking questions. Unfortunately, anything that you say can almost certainly come back to haunt you.

An important thing to consider, especially in the initial portions of an investigation, is that protecting your rights and reputation are not the first priority of those who may be accusing you. Often, the fervor of a witch hunt can push the preservation of rights and even the pursuit of truth to the wayside, in the name of finding a person to blame.

Get the help you need as soon as possible

Just as law enforcement cannot be counted on to protect your rights, even the best attorneys cannot council and help protect you if you do not first contact them and seek their guidance. Federal financial crimes can carry sentences of hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and decades in jail time - effectively ending your life and career in one fell action. No matter what you have been accused of, you deserve to do the right thing for yourself and the ones you love. Seek the council you need to ensure that your case is evaluated fairly and your rights remain protected.

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