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Charged with a computer crime? There's a defense for that

The day started like any other. You woke up, made your first cup of coffee, and turned on your laptop. You logged in and started working, just like you do every Monday thru Friday. It was about mid-day when things took a turn. There was a loud knock on the door and the next thing you knew, you were being handcuffed, read your Miranda Rights, and then escorted into the back of a police cruiser.

The New Jersey state police had just charged you with a computer crime. Law enforcement officers use a multitude of methods to try to catch people that commit crimes online. Very often, the agents arrest these people who, like you, have no idea why it is happening. In addition, the agents rarely have sufficient evidence.

Fortunately, even though the state of New Jersey has charged you with a crime, you still have rights.

Types of computer crimes

In New Jersey, individuals might be guilty of a computer crime if they engage in any number of activities. This includes accessing data, computer programs, software and hardware without authorization. Other crimes stem from accessing computer components to defraud, destroy information or for identity theft purposes. Another common charge is fraudulent work-from-home schemes. While many of these schemes are legitimate, it may be the case that the one you were involved with was not.

Schemes and scams

Some of the most common work-from-home scams include data entry jobs that require you to purchase specialized software or some kind of training booklet. Others offer to help you start your own business and charge to provide information that is otherwise free. In addition, selling lists of work-from-home opportunities is a common scam.

An experienced attorney will defend your case by evaluating the evidence and ensuring that the arresting agents did not violate your rights in any way. Sometimes, people who are disappointed that they did not make more money while working from home will file charges that you were operating a fraudulent scheme. Your attorney will strive to make sure the prosecution has proper evidence that the scheme was fraudulent.

It is important to have a proper defense when facing computer crime charges. There are also things you can do to protect yourself. Contact a local New Jersey attorney with experience in cybercrimes for advice on handling your case.

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