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June 2017 Archives

Were you accused of embezzlement?

The term "white collar crime" describes a host of nonviolent criminal violations that usually employ deceit for the purpose of financial gain. Often committed in a business setting, white collar criminals get their name from the traditional manner of dress at an office.

The Breathalyzer -- it's not infallable

When an officer of the pulls you over in New Jersey, he will be attentive to everything that's happening around him. He will also be alert to your state of lucidity. Officers are always on the look for driver who may be inebriated or intoxicated. In your case, perhaps the officer saw the signs of inebriation during a routine traffic stop -- like red eyes, slurred speech, or alcoholic breath. He then ask you to step out of your vehicle and perform various exams to ascertain your state of inebriation.

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