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Doctors and insurance fraud accusations

You thought you were going into the medical field to help people get better from their illnesses. While this is true, you've also had to wear a lot more hats. In addition to being a physician, a mental health counselor, an entrepreneur, accountant and business manager, you've also had to become familiar with health insurance law.

Without an in-depth knowledge of health insurance law, most New Jersey physicians would be out of business. Even worse, they could end up facing federal insurance fraud allegations.

How medical insurance fraud accusations happen

It's important to note that not all medical insurance fraud allegations are true. Many New Jersey doctors -- and doctors in other parts of the nation -- have been inappropriately accused of committing insurance fraud by federal authorities. It's for this reason that doctors accused of fraud will have every opportunity to defend against their allegations. Furthermore, if you're facing these kinds of allegations yourself, a federal court will not view you as guilty of the crime until -- and only if -- the prosecution proves you to be so beyond a reasonable doubt.

Most claims of insurance fraud against doctors involve allegations of inflated billing practices. There have been numerous cases of doctors claiming that they provided medical services to patients, when, in fact, those services were never provided.

Perhaps a physician, who is strapped for cash and struggling to make financial ends meet, claims that he performed a follow-up exam on a patient two weeks after the patient saw him. However, the follow-up never happened. Or, maybe a podiatrist treated a patient with an ingrown toenail. The patient never had any surgery, but the doctor falsified information and claimed that he performed an ingrown toenail procedure.

Were you falsely accused of medical insurance fraud?

Not all doctors are organized about bookkeeping. The task of keeping track of patient records -- and the activities of nursing staff -- can be mind-bogglingly complicated. Sometimes a false insurance fraud allegation comes about simply because a doctor failed to keep good records. Such instances of false fraud allegations can often be resolved via a vigorous, detail-oriented criminal defense.

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