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That fancy dinner with your colleagues could result in a DUI

Your colleagues want to go out to a fancy meal because you just closed an important deal. The company is booming, and you are the star for the day.

You decide it's a great idea to go out, but you don't want to have to get a taxi. You opt not to drink at dinner, so you can drive home afterward.

Not long after you leave, you feel slightly unusual. You think you must just be tired from the eventful day, but you're soon pulled over by an officer who believes you're drunk. One breathalyzer test later and you know you are. How could that happen?

It may have to do with what you had for dinner

There are many kinds of foods, especially in high-end restaurants like the one you went to, that serve food cooked in alcohol. For example, wine reduction sauces use wine that simmers down over time. While many believe alcohol cooks off before you ever eat the meal, that is simply not true.

Alcohol does burn off to a certain point, but not everything will disappear. Around 85 percent of the alcohol put into a dish remains if the dish reaches its boiling point and is immediately removed from the heat. Even if it simmers for 30 minutes, you'll still have 35 percent of the alcohol in the dish. Now, imagine if the dish has an entire bottle of wine and you eat the entire thing...that's the problem.

Is there a defense to getting drunk on food?

It's possible to defend yourself by explaining that you were unaware that you could become intoxicated through food. You may not have known the total amount of alcohol in the dish, making it impossible to know if you were intoxicated from it. You may also be able to argue that you did not drink at dinner by showing a receipt or by having witnesses testify on your behalf.

Knowing that your food can add to the amount of alcohol in your system can help you prevent intoxication in the future. Now, you should consider a strong defense to argue your case.

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