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What is the difference between blue and white collar crime?

We hear a lot about white collar crime related to actions like embezzlement, insurance fraud and other issues, but what about blue collar crime?

Is there such a thing as blue collar crime? And what constitutes the difference between blue and white collar crime?

Blue versus white collar crime

Some criminal actions are performed by people with higher socioeconomic status. These white collar crimes involve a person exploiting his or her position of trust to steal money from a corporation, to defraud an insurance company or to falsify a legal document. Conversely, blue collar crimes are usually committed by individuals of a lower socioeconomic status -- individuals who don't have special skills and don't have positions of power that they can use to gain an advantage over others.

Blue collar crime tends to be more obvious and visible than white collar crime, which can happen in secret for years before authorities detect it. A blue collar crime could be as simple as a robbery, shoplifting or vandalism. Unlike white collar crime -- which could be camouflaged by intermingling it with legitimate activities -- there doesn't tend to be anything legitimate about a blue collar crime.

Another aspect of blue collar crime is that individuals tend to use brute force to achieve their aims as opposed to subversive trickery, and the victims of blue collar crimes are clear and obvious. If someone was robbed on the street at gunpoint, we know exactly who the victim was.

Were you accused of a blue or white collar crime?

It doesn't matter what kind of criminal act you've been accused of. You'll be entitled to a criminal defense in court. New Jersey residents will remain innocent of any alleged crimes until -- and only if -- a criminal court of proper jurisdiction finds them guilty of the alleged offenses beyond a reasonable doubt. Until that occurs, you will have every opportunity to illuminate your side of the story during your criminal proceedings.

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