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The right approach to drug possession charges

Many people probably think that a criminal case involving drug possession charges is pretty straightforward. They probably think if someone has drugs in their pocket or in their bag, that is fairly strong evidence of drug possession. However, cases involving drug crimes can be much more complicated than many people may realize.

Why is heroin so addictive?

There are many states throughout the country that are seeing a spike in the use of heroin. New Jersey, unfortunately, is not immune to the increase in the use of this highly addictive illegal drug. And, as a result, drug trafficking and drug distribution networks are becoming a larger part of the focus for law enforcement officials - both state and federal - in New Jersey.

Overview of the Pretrial Intervention Program in New Jersey

Many of our readers may have heard about pretrial diversion options in New Jersey for people who are arrested for relatively minor criminal offenses. There is, in fact, such an option in a limited number of criminal cases. The program is known as the Pretrial Intervention Program, or PTI.

What is the New Jersey police 'Office of Forensic Sciences'?

In many criminal cases in New Jersey law enforcement officials will seize evidence for use at trial. This is almost universal in cases involving drug crimes, as there is one particular piece of evidence that will be of paramount importance: the alleged drug itself. It doesn't matter if the illegal drug that is seized is heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or marijuana. To prove their case, prosecutors will have to refer to the actual substance at trial. But, how do law enforcement officials and prosecutors know what they are dealing with?

Heroin use and the criminal justice system

New Jersey residents understand that the public perception of illegal drug use has been going through some changes in recent years, both good and bad. For some people, there is support for decriminalizing marijuana possession and use, with many touting the positive medical purposes for the drug as a prime example of why it should not be illegal.

Defending against state and federal drug charges in New Jersey

There are millions of Americans who have been arrested for so-called "small-time" drug charges, like possession of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia. These are usually misdemeanor drug crimes, and in most of these types of cases the defendant ends up serving a probation term and not much else comes from the case from the criminal justice system. However, most other cases involving allegations of illegal drug distribution or possession are much more serious.

What happens when someone is arrested for drugs in a school zone?

For years state governments throughout the country, and even the federal government, have attempted to pass laws that crackdown harshly on drug offenses. Some states are beginning to differentiate between drug abusers and alleged drug dealers in their approach to drug law enforcement, making treatment a priority for those who are addicted to drugs and focusing the harshest of punishments for those who are alleged to be involved in drug distribution networks.

An overview of criminal prescription drug laws

By now the vast majority of Americans know all about the never-ending "War on Drugs" and that substances like heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine are illegal in every way. These types of substances have been causing problems in our society for as long as they have been around, with ebbs and flows in popularity and availability causing some to be more problematic than others at times. However, what many people may not know is that prescription drugs, such as Vicodin, Xanax and OxyContin, are just as much a part of drug use and drug trafficking in New Jersey and throughout the country.

Alleged cocaine operation said to span parts of New Jersey

Law enforcement agencies throughout the country are working every day to take down large-scale illegal drug operations. If recent reports are accurate, just such an operation culminated in the arrest of 16 people who were allegedly part of a cocaine drug distribution network that spanned parts of New Jersey and New York City.

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