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Facing Medicare/Medicaid fraud charges as a health professional?

When people talk about Medicaid and Medicare fraud, there's commonly a focus on people receiving benefits that they should not receive, given their income or other factors. While individual acts of fraud can cost quite a bit of money, Medicaid and Medicare fraud involving medical providers and companies can cost so much more.

New Internet Trend Is Actually A Crime

A New Jersey teen has been charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief for pranking a supermarket with the Gallon Smash. Gallon Smash is an Internet phenomenon that shows a shopper smashing two gallons of milk on the floor and then falling to indicate that it was an accident.

Penalties may increase for illegal cigarettes

People may not know that they are committing theft crimes when they buy cigarettes down south and bring them back to New Jersey.  However, having untaxed smokes in the state is illegal, and has been for many years. If the state legislature has its way, the penalties for the offense of "smuggling" cigarettes will become even greater.

Can police line-ups in criminal cases be more accurate?

Eyewitness testimony provides dramatic energy to TV crime show such as Law & Order, reflecting real-life police work solving violent and other crimes. However, law enforcement across the United States is beginning to change its attitude toward this feature of criminal prosecution.

New Approach to Violent Crime Policing: Will it Work in Camden?

Did you know that on any given night in Camden, there are fewer than 12 police officers on the street? Camden, currently holding the dubious title of Most Dangerous City in America, has the highest murder rate in its history and similar levels for other crimes as a result of cut-to-the-bone budget slashing.  Its response: Abandon the city police department and begin again.

Violent crime down, property crimes up in Toms River

New Jersey's Uniform Crime Report shows that crime in Toms River and in Ocean County increased from 2010 to 2011. This is in line with an overall increase statewide that many experts believe is the result of large layoffs in police departments across the state.

Burglary and other crimes: Are current sentences too lenient?

A recently released report showed that violent crime in New Jersey was down in 2011, but that crime overall had increased. The report attributed at least some of this increase to reductions in the number of police officers in many communities in the state.

Increase in violent and other crimes attributed to fewer police

Although crime has increased in New Jersey during the past year, most experts attribute that increase to a reduction in police forces rather than an increase in criminal activity. In 2011, crime rose by three percent, the largest annual increase since 2008.

False arrest lawsuit arises from acquittal

A New Jersey blogger has filed a lawsuit against the Connecticut officials who charged him with threatening and inciting violence. The man was acquitted on the Connecticut charges, but was returned to prison in Illinois, where he was serving a prison sentence after being convicted of threatening three federal judges.

Police victimize brain injury victim all over again

The New Jersey State Police and Attorney General's office have egg on their faces, metaphorically speaking. They announced in June that a state trooper had used unreasonable force when he beat a mentally disabled man during a traffic stop. However, they forgot to add that they had earlier found that the trooper had done nothing wrong, even though video recorded him throwing the man to the ground and punching him in the face.

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