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3 things businessmen should know about sexting

You've worked hard to build up your business over the past couple of decades and you don't want a stupid mistake to ruin it. Then you met someone whom you found attractive and started texting. One thing led to another, and texting turned to sexting. Now you are facing criminal charges for sexting and wonder what went wrong. Here are three important points you should know if you are facing charges for sexting.

25-year-old suspect arrested after celebrity's daughter is found

Many of our readers may have heard that recently actress/comedian Rosie O'Donnell went through a bit of personal trauma: her teenage daughter went missing. O'Donnell lives in neighboring New York, and after about a week of her daughter missing she reached out on social media to try to elicit the public's help in locating her daughter. Thankfully, her 17-year-old daughter was found in New Jersey shortly afterward, but now there appears to be more to the story.

What role does "solicitation" play in a prostitution charge?

Prostitution is usually considered to be a low-level criminal offense, typically charged as misdemeanor. However, just like with many other types of crimes, such as drunk driving or drug possession, if the person who is charged with prostitution is a repeat offender, there is a chance that the suspect could face a felony-level charge.

An overview of federal sex crimes

Most people know that a criminal defendant can oftentimes face charges in either state or federal court., for a crime to be charged in federal court, there are usually issues involving jurisdiction. Moreover, sometimes federal prosecutors pick and choose how to use their resources. For instance, when a crime involves an act that transcends state borders, federal prosecution may be the best option for government officials, since otherwise two different state courts might be involved.

Sex offenses against children alleged in Jersey City school

When parents send their children off to school they expect that the children will be in good hands throughout the day, learning valuable information and skills that will help them succeed in life. In the vast majority of schools throughout the country, that is exactly what happens. However, when there are allegations of inappropriate relationships between teachers and students, the trust that parents had can be shattered in such a way that there may not be a recovery.

Being arrested in an "Internet sting" operation

When New Jersey residents are alleged to have committed sex offenses against children, they face the prospect of becoming a lifelong outcast among everyone they have ever known. The sad fact is that this can be true even if the charges are eventually dropped. Just being arrested - or even investigated - is oftentimes enough to result in a stigma that can last a lifetime. And, as almost any would probably be able to tell our readers, conducting "Internet sting" operations is one of the primary investigative strategies that law enforcement agencies use to catch people who are alleged to be engaged in this type of illegal conduct.

Overview of prostitution as a crime in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the crime of prostitution is a misdemeanor for a first offense. Second and subsequent offenses, however, can be felonies. Still, a New Jersey criminal defense attorney would be able to tell our readers that there are certain elements that must be proven by the prosecution in order to get a criminal conviction.

Man faces sexual assault charges three years after alleged attack

Many of our New Jersey readers have probably seen news stories before about someone getting charged with a sex crimes offense years after the alleged attack took place. That is because, unlike some other types of criminal charges, allegations of sexual assault can sometimes be reported to law enforcement officials years after the alleged incident occurred, and the allegations will be investigated.

Sex crimes defense to charges involving trafficking of minors

Many of our New Jersey readers may have heard terms like "human trafficking" in media reports concerning individuals involved in the sex crimes trade, specifically those involving sex offenses against children. Some of these operations are international in scale, while others are more local. Either way, anyone who is alleged to have been involved in sex crimes trafficking is going to need to put together a strong criminal defense strategy.

Overview of child pornography laws in New Jersey - Part II

In Part I of this two-part series we examined what exactly constitutes child pornography in the State of New Jersey, as well as taking a look at what types of charges a person could be looking at when facing allegations involving child pornography. In Part II we will do an overview of the potential penalties a person facing child pornography charges could face, as well as the potential criminal defense strategies a defendant could employ.

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