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Theft or sale of personal financial information is a serious crime

Ever since credit cards began housing chips that give off their information, those who steal and resell credit card numbers have had an easier time obtaining card information. Unless you keep your credit card in a specialized wallet, it is possible for criminals with the right equipment to harvest your card information without ever swiping your card.

What do you need to know about bail in New Jersey?

Hundreds of people are arrested in New Jersey every day. But, most of our readers know that everyone who is arrested for an alleged crime are not forced to sit in jail and await their criminal trial. Most people, almost always including people who are charged with theft crimes, are able to post bail, and they will await their trial on the criminal allegations outside the confines of jail. Just what do our readers need to know about bail in New Jersey?

New Jersey defenses for money laundering charges

Some New Jersey criminal cases involve more complicated factual scenarios than others, and cases involving money laundering charges usually fall into this category. Among all different types of theft crimes, money laundering is one. Money laundering is the illegal securing of funds by attempting to hide the fact that the funds were obtained through illegal activities. While commonly associated with drug crimes, money laundering can stand alone.

Defending against theft charges in New Jersey

There are a wide variety of theft crimes that a person could be charged with in New Jersey, including identity theft, shoplifting, credit card theft and bank fraud. As most of our readers can probably guess, all theft charges have an underlying implication: one person took something that was the property of another person without permission.

Authorities on the lookout for identity theft targeting children

By now it is pretty much common knowledge that identity theft is becoming much easier as more people depend upon the Internet to complete commercial transactions, manage their bank accounts and pay their taxes. And, as it the case with many types of crimes that can get the public on edge, law enforcement agencies throughout the country have responded by concentrating police efforts on investigating and preventing these theft crimes.

What is bank fraud?

Many different types of criminal charges strike New Jersey residents as unfamiliar, most times simply because they sound like "legalese." Fraud is probably one of them. Many New Jersey residents, and, indeed, most people in general, probably don't know what all a criminal charge for fraud entails. This is even more so the case when it comes down to a specific form of fraud, like bank fraud.

Protecting yourself when facing theft charges in New Jersey

There are a wide variety of theft charges in New Jersey, including charges for identity theft, shoplifting, credit card theft and bank fraud. When a New Jersey resident finds themselves facing one of these charges, it is important to craft a defense strategy that is specifically tailored to address theft crimes.

Arrests made in connection with string of New Jersey thefts

When most people think about theft these days it is usually in relation to identity theft or some kind of bank fraud, simply because these types of crimes are the most likely incidents to get heavy media coverage. However, the same old theft crimes, like burglary and receiving stolen property, are still something that law enforcement officials deal with every day.

New Jersey lawyer accused of theft crimes involving client funds

When most of our New Jersey readers think about theft crimes, they probably think about shoplifting and identity theft. But anytime someone is entrusted with managing funds for other people, there is the potential that a situation could arise wherein a suspicion of theft could pop up. For one New Jersey attorney, that type of situation recently resulted in two indictments.

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