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What is felony murder in New Jersey?

It can be hard for some people to come to terms with the fact that there are different classifications for the act of one person killing another person. For most people, murder is murder. But, as we have all seen in high-profile criminal cases that get covered extensively in the news across the country, there are a wide variety of factors that could change a homicide charge to something else, like manslaughter. In most cases, it all boils down to "intent," although there is no doubt that they are all violent crimes. In New Jersey and many other states, there is a classification known as felony murder." Our readers are probably wondering, "What is felony murder and how is it different from a regular homicide charge"?

Accidental homicide during the commission of a felony

Most New Jersey residents know that first degree murder is considered the most serious type of homicide charge. And, through movies, television shows and other types of media, most of us know that first degree murder typically requires premeditation. That is, it typically requires the defendant coming up with a plan to kill the victim sometime before the crime took place. What many people may not know is that there are a number of types of cases in which a defendant may be convicted of first degree murder without having any such plan.

What happens when someone violates a restraining order?

When a domestic violence case is pending in a New Jersey court, a restraining order will oftentimes be implemented. The restraining order forbids the defendant who is alleged to have committed the domestic violence from contacting the alleged victim in any way. While under a restraining order the defendant is not allowed to contact the alleged victim in person, by mail, by electronic means or even be within a certain set distance from the alleged victim.

Can a certified criminal trial attorney make a difference?

Most people in New Jersey know that attorneys generally tend to focus their practice of law in just a few areas. For instance, some attorneys are tax lawyers, focusing on ensuring that their clients are in compliance with state and federal tax laws. Other attorneys focus on employment law, helping to see to it that their clients are not subjected to any type of discrimination in the workplace, and if they are, that they receive the proper amount of compensation. There are hundreds of unique areas of the law. At our criminal defense law firm, David T. Schlendorf focuses his practice on criminal trial law.

Robbery suspect arrested about a block away from bank

Any type of robbery could be classified as a felony-level offense that could land a defendant in prison for years. Bank robbery, in particular, is a violent crime that could even trigger the involvement of federal law enforcement officials. But that didn't happen in a recent case, in which a man from New York was arrested for his alleged involvement in a bank robbery that took place in New Jersey recently. Local police apprehended the defendant in a somewhat peculiar way.

Confrontation in New Jersey high school reportedly turns violent

Every day thousands of teachers and students find themselves in tension-filled situations, but most of the time a solution can be found. However, according to allegations in recent reports out of one New Jersey high school, a troubling situation may have spiraled out of control rather quickly.

How can you be charged with resisting arrest?

Most of us are taught from an early age to trust police officers and to view them as the "good guys" who are helping to protect the community. While this is almost certainly the case with the overwhelming number of police officers throughout the nation, there are some who may take their job quite a bit more seriously than they probably should. When that happens, an arrest could be affected through excessive force. And, regardless of a police officer's disposition, resisting arrest is never a good idea, even if the arrestee believes they are innocent.

23-year-old man arrested in alleged Toms River stabbing incident

Many of our New Jersey readers have experienced sibling rivalries in their lives - it is quite common. But, most of us do not take these rivalries as far as one man is alleged to have done in an attack on his sister in Toms River.

What is the punishment for violating restraining orders?

Most of our New Jersey readers know that domestic violence is a widespread problem in American society, but also that the domestic situations that lead to an outburst of violence can be extremely complicated. Every relationship is different, with no two couples treating each other exactly like the other. When allegations of violent crimes are inserted into an already complicated relationship dynamic, many things can begin to spiral out of control.

Handling the immediate aftermath of an arrest

When a New Jersey resident gets arrested, the immediate aftermath of the arrest is when a lot of crucial developments take place in the case. This is especially true with violent crimes, as police will be focused on gathering evidence, such as photos of injuries suffered by victims, or describing in detail how a suspect acted while resisting arrest. These details and pieces of evidence, fresh from a bad situation, will be crucial down the road as the case moves toward either criminal trial or a plea agreement.

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